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Keep your hard-earned money in the family.

Estate Administration -
Allow us to execute your plan according to your wishes.

Estates are accounts set up under your Will in which the bank may act as Executor or Co-Executor.

Naming Steuben Trust Company as Executor or Co-Executor offers many advantages.

  • Decades of experience.
  • Impartiality.
  • Tax planning.
  • Payment of final expenses.
  • Numerous other duties.

Living Trusts -
Manage and invest without worry.

We can be named trustee or co-trustee of your living trust. We will manage and invest part or all of your assets during your lifetime in accordance with the language in your trust agreement. Knowing you have this expertise in place will allow you to enjoy your freedom and peace of mind.

Living Trusts can:

  • Help you minimize estate taxes, probate fees, court procedures and settlement delays.
  • Help keep your wealth in your family.
  • Provide lifetime income to you and fulfill your philanthropic desires after your death.
  • Provide for a spouse, child or grandchild's needs.

Testamentary Trusts -
Know your family is well taken care of.

A Testamentary Trust is created under your Will, and is funded after death for the benefit of your descendants, charities, or as otherwise directed.

  • Testamentary Trusts can reduce estate taxes .
  • Help keep your wealth within the "family".
  • Continue to support charities you are close to, provide for a spouse, child or grandchild's needs.

Investment Management Accounts -
Solid advice. Maximum control.

Similar to an Investment Advisory Account, except you decide how much control you want.

  • Complete control over all investment decisions.
  • Control of investment decisions with the benefit of our advice.
  • Trust us to make your investment decisions while striving to meet your financial goals.

Custodian Accounts -
More for your money. Less work for you.

Opening a custodian account frees you from many of the day-to-day duties involved in owning securities and other investments.
We will:

  • Safeguard your securities.
  • Collect and disburse income.
  • Keep you updated and provide you with the necessary information for tax reporting.

Retirement Options -
A comfortable future is in your reach.

Ready to receive funds from a retirement plan, 401(k), 403(b), CD or IRA? Make the most of your money and protect your future. Give us a call and we will show you how.


Investments are not insured by FDIC and are not
deposits, or guaranteed by the bank and are
subject to investment risk including loss of principal.


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